What is national unity day? It's all about our sardar Vallabhbhai Patel's strength which makes you feels the power of unity.

HOMEWALLAH wishes you all a worthy national unity day i.e. the birth anniversary of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel.A person who played a major role in the political integration of India.He always worked for the unity of people.

As we all know UNITY IS STRENGTH. But would you ever feel that what is the real means of unity.

The real meaning of unity is to walk with the people not alone.It means whenever you feels that I am able to do something in a team to win or to do something like any project. Then you can only procede a work up to a next level of winning or it seems to winning.But in spite I if you feels that we are able to win in a team or in any project then it makes sure that you defenetly win or not only win but you will also learn something from your team-mates. And it gives a big impact on you to survive in your society with the people.And also there are many examples of unity which you prooves that UNITY is the only way to succeed in life/over come of any situation.

Examples which makes you feel the power UNITY

*Examples of unity is strength*

1) For example an Indian man, accidentally cross the Indo-Pak border due to his drunken state and gets arrested by the Pakistan army , where he was tortured at an extreme level that we couldn't expect. Then his sister determined to get justice for her brother and prove his innocence. she went here and there as much she could. She even meet with PM, numbers of advocate etc. but she was unable to relieve him but at last when most of Indian people and also some people of Pakistan support her then finally she became able to take out her brother from Pakistan's prison. Hence, this example proves that unity is strength .

2) Let's take an example of any team of cricket.

Do you think what make it so marvelous!

Yes, it is not other than unity. Unity is the key that make a team to rise at all edges.

In a cricket team, all players unite to play game and try to triumph the opposition team.

Here we can see the unity of players towards the game and hence prove that *unity is strength*.

This national unity day Homewallah encourages youths

We encourage you all to wake up and achieve your goals.

"Wake up" mesmerizing me the song composed by Bangtan Boys (BTS Band).

Nobody can underestimate their popularity.

But why are they so popular? What makes them unique?

Very true, their strength, desire, passion and determination. And most importantly their "unity".

'Unity is strength'

Let's together make the change....

Home wallah is on its way.....

We unite

Even it take over to a night

But have to be unite ,


✊✊✊🤝🤜🤛👍👍👍......... ♾️

Hope you understand the meanings of signs

Which helps to we unite

Thank you 😊

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