Take care of greenery by Hwians

Updated: Oct 17, 2021

This single picture shows the importance of greenery in our life.


We(Hwians) know the importance

Therefore we glow the existence .

As we know that greenery gives us fresh air to live . And We all know that fresh air is much important for our life. Because we inhale oxygen from air which presents in our sorrounding environment. Therefore we all have to keep our environment neat and clean. For that greenery play a major role in our sorrounding environment .

We all know that most of you defenetly do it. So, We all like to thank from defth of our hearts who maintain greenery and care for greenery.

I am very happy to explore it that we(Hwians) also keep care of greenery with full of dedication .

For that we all add this in our daily routine to make our environment full greenery how much we all can do.

We(Hwians) all enjoy a lot while we work for greenery.

This is a golden opportunity for us that we are born in the human race on Earth. This is the most beautiful planet & attractive nature full of greenery.

Nature has been so kind upon us since the birth of first individual on this Earth. We have a group called Hiwans. We are study in N.G.P Patna - 13. Along with our studies, we also take care of nature/greenery of our college and hostel and our surrounding environment. Our faculty members also play a big role in this . Our team members plant trees and encourage others too. We always keep our college and our sorrounding neat and Clean.

We irrigate the planted tree from time to time. We have planted trees in our college as well as in the hostel. All member of Hiwans work hard for greenery. The nature is everything around us with beautiful environment. We see & enjoy it every moment. Therefore we should always take care of nature.

Thank you 😊

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