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Descargar Biblioteca Electronica Libronix 2013 Gratis En 107




You can transform it into something beautiful, it's up to you. To help you create your own karaoke music videos, let's start! ## Tip 1: get inspirations from YouTube It's pretty easy to get great inspiration from YouTube. Maybe you have some ideas already. Let's go through some YouTube videos with karaoke music. # Part 2. Loops and Music Production The next section talks about how to get quality loops and music samples from different sources on the internet, then how to combine them, and finally how to combine these music loops with vocals to create your own karaoke songs. ## Tip 2: karaoke your voice with the MP3 script Once you have some inspiration from YouTube videos, make yourself a simple MP3 script using the **MP3 Script** tool in Cubby. Make sure you trim the best part of the video from the start and end, and combine with an audio sample. If you want to make this short karaoke song more personal, you can even add your own lyrics. In this step, you will also need a music track, but it's up to you to find one, as Cubby can't do it for you. Here is an example of what your karaoke song script should look like. You can create your own by following these steps. ![](../../../assets/screenshot_at_2017-04-13_11_24_17.png) Here are the source files of the script I made for the **Dan** section of this book. I recommend you download this script and open it in a text editor for easy editing. For example, if you don't like the first chorus, just edit it to your liking. If you like my work, I would love it if you **Star** and **Watch** it. It takes only a few seconds. ## 3. Using the OpenMP3 tool **OpenMP3** is an open source program written by Chris Hardy. This tool can help you search for karaoke songs, songs to listen to while you work, and loops for sound effects. It can also help you find them easily. Just copy and paste the link into the program. ![](../../../assets/screenshot_at_2017-04-13_12_17_09.png)




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Descargar Biblioteca Electronica Libronix 2013 Gratis En 107

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